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The story…..

I am a Starmark academy graduate. I finished their advance program and graduated as a Canine trainer and behavior specialist in april 2015. In my stay I got to know people that have PTSD, and or TBI. These guys inspired me so much that I decided right then that this would be something I wanted to to with my dog training, that is – train dogs for people that sacrificied so much for their country. This would be a small thing I could do for them.

Now we have available one service dog ready for task training. Until now he has the basic training to be a future PTSD/TBI service dog. He is a wonderful boy with great temperament good working skills among other great qualities. His name is Airon and is a 3 year old german shepherd. Even though we live in Iceland i dont consider that a barrier. Iceland is a really safe place to be in. The crime rate is extremely low and even the police force dont carry weapons. That being said, me and my husband are both trained police officer with years working in the force and we would do our very best to make you feel safe while you were staying here.

When we find him his person that person would fly to Iceland where he/she would get their task training together. That time would be up to 3-4 weeks for best result possible. You would spend your every day life with him in his own surrounding while you are getting to know each other and while we teach him his future tasks.

We understand that flying and travelling can be a stressful situation thats why we offer (if wanted) a person familiar with ptsd and dog training to accommodate you on your way to iceland!

Flight to Iceland is included in the dogs price.

For further information send an e-mail to johannamagg@gmail.comDSC_0056.jpg

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