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Who are they ?

They are a family of 7 that live on a farm at the southpart of Iceland.  Jóhanna Þorbjörg, Ingvar Guðmundsson and their 5 wonderful kids from the age of 3 to 17 🙂 It all started with one dog – Morris who was always called “Mó” – ergo Mósel. “No other name came to mind when we started our journey of building a luxurious building for the animals that have to be quarantined before entering Iceland”. Jóhanna is a former police officer with an endless interest in dog training (and also horse training, and occasionally sheep and goat training….) and Ingvar is also a former police officer with an interrest of cleaning after Jóhanna horses, dogs, goat and sheep….. 😉 Today both Ingvar and Jóhanna have left the force and not only do they work in Mósel but Ingvar is a carpenter and Jóhanna works also in training working dogs that are specially trained to search for mould in houses. Jóhanna has been working with dogs for 15 years. First with search and rescue dogs and Morris was her working buddy for 12 years. He passed away the summer of 2019 – gone but never forgotten. She also went to Starmark academy in Hutto Texas where she took a diploma in dog training and is a certified dog trainer and behaviour specialist. Jóhanna also took an instructor course in scent work from a department under the European Union – a work in progress where she will continue to study more and gain experience through dog training and behaviour in the next years.

The vision

We understand to the fullest the concerns breeders and owners have about leaving their pet for this time and that is why we designed, built 65274078_425146431667416_6106284115735085056_nand work after highest standards possible every day for your animal. Our facility is built after the animal welfare laws and they require spacious kennels for the animals. We took it further and provide not only spacious kennels but built spacious rooms that look as much as possible like a home so the animals really do feel like home during their stay.

The rooms

Every room is equipped with a flat screen tv with a subscription to a doggy/cat tv and a calming and classical music which has been proven to have calming effect for the animals. The rooms also have cctv which is connected to our home so we can check on them at all times when we aren’t in the building ourselves. All dogs have access to a spacious private outdoor area that is up to 20 m2 for the biggest dogs. Some dogs even have a perfect wiew over Mountain Hekla while others have a view over our horses and sheep that live nearby !


Every staff member has to go through thorough training in animal disieaces and dog training before they work with our animals. We offer 74367099_504985183683540_2333391702544351232_otraining during our stay and all staff members are guided by experienced staff members. Our staff ar also held by high standards, our goal is to treat every animal like they were our own and make them as comfortable as possible at all times.



We offer activity during their stay, mental and physical. We use a lot of clicker training, and for more enthusiastic dog people out there we work a lot with the “bridge” between classical and operant conditioning, making the dog think in solutions in every task/play – leading to the dog earning more confidence while burning energy so they can rest more 40194728_257617785086949_4380221232889462784_neasily. Our goal in training is that the dog experience positive emotions and trust to our staff. We also have a doggy treadmill to blow off extra steam and keeping them in good body condition and the simple fact is that a tired dog is a very happy dog !




if you have any questions about us, the facility or the daily life in our facility don’t hesitate to ask us via email – allirhundar@gmail.com.


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